Baner Baker's Recent Blogs

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Hey, Greeting Date: Feb 25th @ 4:22pm EST
hey guys!! in a few days I'll be back! I hope to talk to you!I think that he gets charged with a lot of energy!
a little on me Date: Oct 30th @ 3:04pm EDT
I am a very kind and energetic boy, I love talking and knowing about the persons and his pleasures
My day at the gym Date: Oct 30th @ 2:39pm EDT
Today, Wednesday morning, I trained in the gym, it was very early, the users had not yet arrived, there was only the coach and I, once I started working my legs, doing squats, I realized that the coach was touching his penis, but ignore it. when I went to take a shower, he went behind me, opened the door and pulled out his huge black cock and I was scared, but I knelt to suck it, it was a huge and thick cock, I sucked it until I had his milk in my mouth It was very exciting, I want it repeated.
A BIG SURPRISE Date: Apr 12th @ 5:21am EDT
Today i was cleanin my toys and then i noticed my cock is bigger than the most of my dildos lol, i can't imaginate how does it feels, been penetrated by me feels good but that must hurt haha
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